All the services of the Salus wellness centre in Trapani


Omnia - Luxury Beauty spashop now

Omnia - Luxury Beauty spa

Do you want to alleviate the signs of time and stress? Salus has devised the perfect formula. Experience the benefits of Omnia- Luxury Beauty spa. Everything you need, in just one treatment. Take care of your body, leave your thoughts behind and relax your mind.

from 250,00 € 1 person
Luxury Wellness Routeshop now

Luxury Wellness Route

Designed for couples, it allows exclusive access to the SPA area. You can enjoy the sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool bath and Jacuzzi shower. Dulcis in fundo, herbal tea in the relaxation area and the combination of Prosecco and pastries.

from 150,00 € 2 people
Exclusive Wellness Path with Massageshop now

Exclusive Wellness Path with Massage

The soft lighting, the delicate scent of herbs as well as that of the creams and oils used for the massage will inebriate your five senses, transporting you to a state of pure relaxation. An intense, enveloping gesture will make your skin perfectly velvety soft.

from 90,00 € 1 person
Exclusive Wellness Pathshop now

Exclusive Wellness Path

A complete wellness program, with exclusive use of the SPA area and herbal tea in the relaxation zone. Sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool bath and Jacuzzi shower will let you experience the benefits of hydrotherapy. Come and experience the benefits of hydrotherapy and let yourself be enveloped in a feeling of calm and relaxation.

from 60,00 € 1 person
Sauna with Aroma Therapy and Jacuzzi Shower shop now

Sauna with Aroma Therapy and Jacuzzi Shower

An unparalleled sensation of relaxation and lightness will involve your entire body and draw your mind to places of well-being.

from 30,00 € 1 person
Turkish bath and Jacuzzi showershop now

Turkish bath and Jacuzzi shower

Fancy a Turkish bath in Trapani? Salus has the right solution for you... Discover the path to relaxation and rediscover your wellbeing.

from 30,00 € 1 person


Walk among the citrus fruits of Sicilyshop now

Walk among the citrus fruits of Sicily

The essence of citrus fruits from Sicily will make your skin smooth and soft, giving it a delicate scent and increased elasticity. During this slow and intoxicating journey, you will rediscover the benefits of vitamin C and flavonoids. Inebriate your sense of smell with the delicate scents of Sicilian citrus fruits. Rediscover the harmony between body and mind...

from 70,00 € 1 person
Purifyshop now


Thoroughly purify every part of your body with this exceptional wellness and beauty treatment. The Purify Ritual acts in depth, revitalizing the epidermis and gently exfoliating your skin. It purifies the body and facilitates the expulsion of toxins.

from 70,00 € 1 person
White goldshop now

White gold

Let the Trapani sea salt caress your skin and then indulge in an intense and relaxing massage. The beneficial virtues of the sea, enclosed in this special beauty ritual, are manifested in their purest form, to guarantee you a smooth and firm skin.

from 60,00 € 1 person
Relieve shop now


Have you ever experienced a feeling of intense and prolonged well-being? Relieve is the beauty ritual that releases muscle tension and instils a sense of total relaxation. Intense, fluid movements release a feeling of pleasure over the body. The heat of the sauna reduces joint stiffness and relieves pain.

from 60,00 € 1 person


Thai Oilshop now

Thai Oil

Let yourself be guided by the millennia-old Oriental knowledge of man; Thai massage with oil redeem and normalize every alteration, physical and psychophysical pain state. It reduces anxiety and provides a valuable remedy for stress and sleep disorders.

from 80,00 € 1 person
Hot Stone shop now

Hot Stone 

Are you looking for a treatment to relieve painful manifestations of the muscular system? The Hot Stone massage is for you... The heat acts, in depth, on muscles and bones, interacting with the therapeutic massage. The use of hot stones has a dual function: therapeutic and relaxing.
from 70,00 € 1 person
Holistic Aromatised with Scents of Sicily shop now

Holistic Aromatised with Scents of Sicily

The delicate scent of the oils will intoxicate your mind. The sensory stimulus penetrates deeply and intensely, caressing every part of your body. Your mind escapes and moves away from stress and frenzy, experiencing the olfactory benefits of the delicate scents of Sicily.

from 60,00 € 1 person
Hawaiian 'Lomi Lomi'shop now

Hawaiian 'Lomi Lomi'

Stress e affaticamento mentale? Prova il Massaggio dell’anima "Lomi- Lomi", con oli naturali distesi su mani, braccia, gambe e piedi. Il trattamento è ideale per alleviare indolenzimenti muscolari e articolari. Ristabilisce l'equilibrio fra corpo e mente generando una sensazione di pace e armonia nell'anima.

from 60,00 € 1 person
Decontractingshop now


Pressure and rubbing help release muscle contractures and neck pain. Essential oils and specific maneuvers relax and soften the skin. The decontracting massage, favoured by sportspeople, also relaxes the body.
from 30,00 € 1 person
Relaxation Massageshop now

Relaxation Massage

Let go of the nervous tensions in your body, slip into a sense of lightness and relaxation. The slow, gentle rhythms of the hands on your body facilitate the release of nervous tensions. Treat your muscles, legs, neck and back to a break of prolonged well-being.

from 30,00 € 1 person

Wellness begins at Salus

The Spa at the Salus centre in Trapani is an exclusive space, tailored to your wellbeing. Time takes on a precious value for each member of the team of professionals who guide you along a path of physical and mental regeneration, providing you with accurate and scientific information.

Those who choose the Salus Private Spa leave stress behind and immerse themselves in a relaxing atmosphere that pleases the body and relieves everyday tension. Soft lighting, background music, delicate fragrances, relaxing aromas, sanitized rooms: spend your time in a blissful place, relaxing in absolute privacy.

In the spa area you can enjoy the Turkish bath, the Finnish sauna, the whirlpool (with water without chemical additives), the Jacuzzi® column shower with invigorating side body jets, and the relaxation area where you can taste our organic herbal teas.

Need an anti-cellulite, relaxing or lymphatic drainage massage? Trust in the expert hands of our professional masseuses ... For all your needs, Salus has a comprehensive offer!