Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage
70,00 €
Useful for treating tensive and painful manifestations of the muscular system. Stimulates immediate relaxation of the body and gives well-being.

The flagship of Salus is the Hot Stone massage. This is a treatment involving the use of hot stones, which have been used since antiquity for healing purposes. Hot stone massage, whose literary translation means hot and stone, is a treatment used primarily to treat tensive and painful manifestations of the muscular system. In hot stone massage, the masseur combines the use of his hands with the use of smooth, hot stones.

This technique combines Western physiological maneuvers with elements of Ayurveda and helps provide relief for many ailments.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone massage?

  • It helps to relax the muscles;
  • It stimulates immediate relaxation of the body;
  • The temperature of the stones causes vasodilatation, flushes and helps improve blood circulation,
  • Improves cell oxygenation;
  • If it’s practised frequently, it combats insomnia and stress;