Decontracting Massage

Decontracting Massage
30,00 €
Relieve neck pain and loosen muscle contractures with the combined action of essential oils and specific maneuvers.

Contemporary lifestyles, characterized by a hectic pace and an accumulation of stress, are often the cause of muscle stiffening that can lead to uncomfortable and painful contractures. The aim of this treatment is to restore muscle tone to a normal level by treating the contracture with specific manoeuvres such as pressure and rubbing. It is through these procedures that the contractured part is loosened.

The decontracting massage, favoured by sportspeople, also acts on the relaxation of the body. The use of different blends of essential oils gives a diffuse sensation of wellbeing that spreads throughout the body via the olfactory route.

What are the benefits of decontracting massage?

  • It relieves contractures;
  • Reactivates nerve centres
  • It oxygenates the whole body;
  • Promotes elimination of toxins;
  • Relieves neck pain;
  • Improves circulation;

It gives a sense of well-being and relaxation;