Private SPA, why choose it?

Private SPA, why choose it?

Happiness in life as a couple, but also in personal life, cannot do without relaxation, and if you want to treat your partner or yourself to a wellness experience in a romantic atmosphere, then a private spa is the right choice.

The Spa is a temple dedicated to rest and beauty, the place where we can forget all our troubles and enjoy an unforgettable relaxing experience thanks to the perfect combination of the healing power of water and wellness treatments.

It only takes a few hours to make us more positive and to dissolve accumulated psycho-physical tensions, restoring peace and tranquillity to mind and body to regain the harmony that an increasingly hectic life makes us forget.

Health and pampering are therefore not only the winning combination, but also the goal of these sanctuaries of well-being which, through a multi-sensory journey of colors and scents, become the perfect antidote to anxiety and daily worries and help us to restore the body's natural balance.

The private spa is the ideal and exclusive retreat for a rejuvenating holiday, the right choice if you want to celebrate a special occasion or simply want to spend time together with your partner.

Private Spa, why choose it?

- Privacy: choosing a private spa means not having to give up privacy and immersing yourself in an elegant atmosphere, surrounded by enveloping sounds and smells, suitable for couples, small groups of friends up to a maximum of eight people. The private spa has a private changing room, hydro-massage tub, hammam, sauna, Jacuzzi shower and a relaxation room where you can enjoy organic herbal teas.

- Rediscover pleasant intimacy: do you want to surprise your partner? Surprise him or her with access to the private spa to enjoy romantic moments together and find the right energy to face everyday life.

- Listen to your heart: we are constantly immersed in noise, but love also needs silence and tranquillity and the private spa is the perfect environment to combat stress and experience unforgettable moments together with the one you love. Couple's massage, sauna, experience showers and wellness treatments are the quintessence of relaxation for those who dream of romantic moments together with their partner.

- Dedicating time to each other: often it is not a lack of feeling or willpower that prevents us from spending time together with our partner, but the hectic everyday life made up of work appointments and commitments of all kinds. Every couple, however, needs to find themselves and rediscover the pleasure of being together, and the private spa is the realm of lovers.

- Put your thoughts aside: would you like to unplug and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but the few days you have available make the most beautiful atoll in the Maldives unreachable? You don't have to go to the other side of the world to share time together away from everything and everyone, your secret wellness retreat is the private spa in the city centre. A real treat for couples who want to share romantic moments in peace and quiet.

- Improving dialogue: often in a couple, dialogue is reduced to a small daily exchange of information due to daily tiredness caused by work and many commitments. A private spa is not only the ideal choice for a wellness trip, but also an opportunity to dedicate time to the relationship.

- Rediscover harmony: couple harmony is often challenged by everyday life and the magical atmosphere of the private spa is ideal for sharing emotions with your partner and letting yourself be pampered by treatments that rejuvenate body and mind.