All the services of the Salus beauty centre in Trapani

Nail Bar

Manicure Spashop now

Manicure Spa

An emollient, mosturising and exfoliating bath based on organic sea salts with a regenerating mask application. Your skin is deliciously perfumed and deeply nourished, your hands will stand out for their beauty and softness. Treat your nails and your skin to a treatment of exclusive perfection.

from 30,00 € 1 person
Pedicure Spashop now

Pedicure Spa

The Salus pedicure is designed for the beauty of your feet and to give you a feeling of prolonged well-being and relaxation. The treatment benefits your feet, reduces the risk of infection and keeps the skin mosturised.

from 30,00 € 1 person
Semi-permanent hand treatment with manicureshop now

Semi-permanent hand treatment with manicure

The Salus manicure is an aesthetic treatment that gives you hands to show off and perfectly tidy. The easy and long-lasting application of the semi-permanent nail polish ensures the nail's shine for many weeks.

from 25,00 € 1 person
Semi-permanent feet with aesthetic pedicureshop now

Semi-permanent feet with aesthetic pedicure

Well-groomed feet and perfect nails? Come and try our aesthetic pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish application. Healthier, stronger and more beautiful nails.

from 5,00 € 1 person
Pedicure shop now


Problems with corns, hyperkeratosis or calluses? Salus cares for your feet with meticulous precision and accuracy. The treatment focuses on the well-being of your skin by treating flaking, unsightly cracks and dryness.

from 5,00 € 1 person
Manicure with polish changeshop now

Manicure with polish change

Hand care involves mosturising the skin and aesthetics of the nails. A manicure with nail polish change is a complete treatment that enhances the beauty and health of your hands.

from 5,00 € 1 person

Face treatment

Anti age - Be Complexshop now

Anti age - Be Complex

Do you want a natural lifting effect on the skin of your face? From today, with the new anti-age Be Complex treatment, you can! Erase the small wrinkles of time and smooth out the signs of aging with an effective formula that relaxes the facial tissues.

from 95,00 € 1 person
Luxurious anti-stress ritualshop now

Luxurious anti-stress ritual

A new formulation that thoroughly nourishes and repairs facial skin. It rests and relaxes the skin, giving it radiance and vitality.

from 65,00 € 1 person
Fruit AHAshop now

Fruit AHA

Glycolic Acid penetrates deep into the skin, smoothing it and making it more radiant and velvety. It softens deep wrinkles, reduces skin blemishes, regulates sebaceous production and thins acne blemishes. For a caress-proof smoothness, come and try the fruit acid treatment!

from 60,00 € 1 person
Detossinante e Purificanteshop now

Detossinante e Purificante

Aumenta la luminosità del tuo viso con un solo trattamento! L'azione combinata di detersione, gommage, maschera detox/purifiant, massaggi leviganti ed ossigenanti, ti assicureranno una pelle defaticata e libera da impurità.

from 35,00 € 1 person
Moisturising and energisingshop now

Moisturising and energising

Do you want intensely quenched and deeply moisturized skin? Come and discover the Hydrating and energising treatment for face, neck and décolleté. The skin is intensely quenched, filled with water and radiant with health.

from 35,00 € 1 person
Facial cleansingshop now

Facial cleansing

Looking for a really effective facial treatment against dull or impure skin? Come and try our facial cleansing... The treatment neutralizes skin impurities, removes dead skin cells, blackheads and pimples. Cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin thoroughly and deeply.

from 30,00 € 1 person

Body treatment

Intensive Remodelling - Be Complexshop now

Intensive Remodelling - Be Complex

Skin slackening and stretch marks can be a cause of aesthetic discomfort, especially in summer, when the body is on show! Come and try the Intensive Reshaping Treatment - Be Complex. The combination of different technologies enhances the final effect and visibly reduces skin imperfections.

from 95,00 € 1 person
Lymphatic Drainageshop now

Lymphatic Drainage

Say goodbye to the much detested cellulite! Salus has developed the perfect treatment to combat cellulite and water retention. The lymph drainage massage relaxes and tones the skin, acting naturally on the causes of cellulite.

from 30,00 € 1 person
Slimmingshop now


Irregular diet, stress and lack of exercise are some of the limits to a flat stomach and a shapely silhouette. The reducing treatment hinders the growth of fatty tissue on the most difficult to treat areas: abdomen, buttocks and root of the thighs.

from 30,00 € 1 person

Epilation with wax

Full legs and full groinshop now

Full legs and full groin

Come and try our hot waxing... guaranteed smoothness and softness for legs and groin. Rediscover the pleasure of caressing your skin with our long-lasting hair removal treatment.

from 42,00 € 1 person
Thighsshop now


Having smooth and silky thighs, without any superfluous hair in sight, is every woman's dream and worry. The gentle touch of our experienced beauty therapists is at the service of your beauty.

from 15,00 € 1 person
Eyebrowsshop now


Having well-groomed and tidy eyebrows can make a face more harmonious. Salus beauty therapists will remove excess hairs and give your eyebrows a perfect line.

from 8,00 € 1 person
above lip shop now

above lip

For those who prefer a traditional hair removal method, Salus offers the option of hot waxing. Gentle and effective tearing will allow you to remove even the toughest hairs.

from 5,00 € 1 person

Laser Hair Removal (Diodo 808NM)

Total Legsshop now

Total Legs

Are you tired of unwanted hair on your legs? Salus assures you an effective and painless treatment; come and try the Diode 808NM laser.

from 95,00 € 1 person
Half legs or thighsshop now

Half legs or thighs

For touch-proof softness, come and try Diode 808NM laser hair removal. Gentle touch, painless treatment and guaranteed long lasting results.

from 60,00 € 1 person
Full faceshop now

Full face

Prominent facial hair will no longer be a problem... Come and try our laser hair removal treatment; visible results from the first treatment!

from 40,00 € 1 person
Armsshop now


Smooth and silky arms with the brand new 808NM Diode Laser treatment. A fast and painless treatment for thinner hair that is easy to remove.

from 40,00 € 1 person
Full crotchshop now

Full crotch

At Salus, superfui hair will no longer be a problem... Come and try our laser hair removal! Smoothness and softness for a groin that is always groomed and perfectly depilated.

from 40,00 € 1 person
Armpitsshop now


Soft, perfect armpits? Come and try our Diode laser hair removal. A painless and effective treatment even on thickened and difficult-to-remove hair. Gentle touch and assured removal!

from 30,00 € 1 person
Bikini crotchshop now

Bikini crotch

Do you want clearer, thinner and easier to remove hair? Come and experience the benefits of Diode laser hair removal at Salus.

from 30,00 € 1 person
Epilation above lipshop now

Epilation above lip

Do you want to get rid of annoying hair on your upper lip easily and painlessly? Try our laser treatment.

from 20,00 € 1 person
Chinshop now


Say goodbye to annoying chin hair! With the Diode 808NM laser treatment you will eliminate all discomfort and aesthetic discomfort.

from 20,00 € 1 person

Salus and Beauty

Think of a wellness centre that not only takes care of your body and soul but also regenerates your aesthetics... Salus is all of this: a space dedicated to beauty in all its forms.

The uniqueness of Salus lies in the care of the environment and the use of cutting-edge technology. Clients have at their disposal a "Consultation Booth" with state-of-the-art machinery: 808NM diode laser for progressive permanent hair removal, Radiofrequency machinery, Endomassage handpieces, Low Level Laser and Vacuum therapy instruments.

The Nail Bar Cabin, with two stations inside, is intended for aesthetic/care pedicure and manicure.

Salus has provided a massage station and another for facial and body treatments, where you can continue your sensual journey and surrender yourself to the delicate gestures of our specialized therapists.

Our wellness centre is also 'Hair & Beauty', a real beauty salon where your hair will be massaged and styled. From the classic trim to fashionable cuts, all women can rely on our beauty salon to make the most of their image.

Our team constantly keeps abreast of developments in order to find the right aesthetic solutions for each client's needs. Each treatment takes place in a sanitized environment and is performed by specialized operators.